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Default Picking a DD & Track Duty Tire

Hey All,

Looking for some input and advice. I'm picking up some 18x9.5 +38 RPF1's for my 2016 STI (Yes i know these require 10mm spacers and fender work).

Car Details:
-Flex fuel w/ supporting mods (340/380)
-FA Coils
-24mm Adj Rear Sway Bar
-Roll Center Kit
-Bunch of other's not sure it matters

Tires I'm looking at in 265/35/18:
-Falken 615+ (Heard these don't do well with our heavy cars)
-Hankook v12 Evo2
-Michilen PSS
-Firestone Firehawk 500's
-Bridgestone RE-71r

Car is obviously my daily, i don't mind road noise or issues with comfort, still semi-young. Want something that i can be confident in at the track. Prolly plan on doing 4-6 track days a year. These will be my dedicated summer tire and not used in winter.

Currently using my stock wheels with Conti DWS's. I've done a track day on them and i'm actually quite impressed, got some under steer around t11 at Sonoma Raceway, but overall for my beginner experience and pushing the car as hard as i can with my skills, they did actually quite well.

Any input from people who've used these, or are have been down this path would be greatly appreciated. I've previously had Z11's on my 450whp wagon, but never got the chance to track them so they were wasted on the road as a DD tire.
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