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Default Re: Gabby the Nurburgring Challenge STi: Advan x Alcon x ARC x IAG x Ron Davis x Vari

Hey everyone and welcome back to an update that I’ve never been more excited to share. It’s short, sweet, and slightly CRAZY!

This update takes place in Early February 2018.

So I sold my Recaro SPG seat…tragic, I know! :d
Before you all grab your pitchforks, I had a great reason to sell it!

I’ve always wanted the Recaro SPA seats…something about the Carbon Kevlar backing, additional lumbar support, and every extra bit of weight savings you get compared to the standard Recaro SPG seat that I have.
More specifically, here’s a quick comparison of the Recaro SPG and SPA:

  • SPG: Fiberglass
  • SPA: Carbon Kevlar

  • SPG: 15.5lbs.
  • SPA: 12.3lbs.

  • SPA features more aggressive friction grip surfaces than the SPG. Friction Grip Surfaces are in the shoulder and seat area.
  • More distinct side padding, and more pronounced lateral guidance than the SPG.

  • SPG is around $1,000 USD
  • SPA is around $2,399 USD

Here’s a picture showing the comparison of both…please pay close attention to the lumbar sections and grip surfaces:

Well in November, I ordered 2 Recaro SPA Carbon Kevlar Seats from my good friend [email protected] Motorsports in Markham.

These seats are made to order, and I knew I was going to be anxiously awaiting their long arrival! Well they arrived and I couldn’t be happier; the seats are absolutely gorgeous!!

Alpha Motorsports has the best brands available from Voltex, AP Racing, Volk, Varis, Recaro, JRZ, etc. They have the BEST prices for those high-end brands, so be sure to check them out for all of your boutique/high-end parts!

Alpha Motorsports Website
Alpha Motorsports Facebook
Alpha Motorsports Instagram

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for next update!
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