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Default Re: Does going from 19 to 18 make big diff in comfort?

Originally Posted by aka View Post
I own a 2018 and switching from the stock 19'' wheels to aftermarket 18'' wheels wrapped in 245/40r18 tires made a huge difference in comfort. I noticed that prior to the switch to 18'' wheels, I would clench my teeth whenever I would go over a speed bump or hit a minor pot hole. Now with the 18'' wheels installed, I no longer have to anticipate the stiffness that I got with the 19'' wheels. A prime example would be going over railroad tracks. With the 18's, I can breeze through them without having too much discomfort unlike with the 19's where I would have to slow down significantly and soak the stiffness.
With this in mind,I should be able to raise my 2019 with my Quickjack,remove the stock wheels,and,install a set of Enkei,18x9.5+35mm with/Michelin245/40R18Y Pilot Sport 3 tires on the STI,put the car in neutral,and spin the wheels.If nothing hits the Brembos then I should be good to go?Thanks
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