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Default Re: Nox's 09 OBP STI

Now onto 2019...

February 2019

We meet with our realtor to check how the market is in our area. We end up putting it for sale a week later, the sold sign is up a week later, and the buyer wanted to move in fast so another week later the closing. We couldn’t find anything to buy, so we decided to build new. Moved into a rental until August, so all my tools/stuff are packed up.

The welds on the bracket holding the Perrin Alternator shrouds break off. I zip tie the shroud as tight as I can to get through winter. No time to deal with it with everything going on.

March 2019

Start seeing my AF learning 1’s creep deeper into the negatives every day, eventually capping at -25. It would somewhat settle up around -10 when it got warmer, but as soon the cold came around, it would just go back down. Checked all hoses, etc, everything was tight and in order. Still not much time to troubleshoot at this point so I let it go.

April 2019

Car starts to surge at idle and became twitchy, AF learning 1 still out of whack. Checked the hoses, everything’s all good again. I finally clue in to check my MAF. It looked in good shape for being just replaced in 2016. I cleaned it out with MAF cleaner. Reset my ECU, and the car came back to life instantly. I’m going to be adding a MAF clean at every oil changes or tire change from now on. This is the second time the MAF has caused this issue for me, first time it was a bad MAF and now a dirty MAF.

PSA: Clean your MAF regularly!!

May 2019

Zip ties broke/slide off for the Alt shroud. Removed it entirely. Ordered and received a new bracket, but haven’t had time to install it yet.

New Work wheel center caps. These are the flat type. I much prefer the look of these.

We also had our East Coast Subaru Spring Rally 2019. No pics this year.

June 2019

My clutch started creaking two days ago. Ooooh great, my firewall welds let go. Now I need to figure out when/where I’ll be fixing that all while building a house and working 60 hours a week and family time in there. Fun times.

I knew going on 2 years that it was going too good to be true!
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