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Default Re: HELP, street flooded out and stopped my STI :(

Originally Posted by Parky50 View Post
Heard back from the shop today.
Top end looks ok, but lower short block is stuck and will not turnover by hand.

The insurance adjuster is going to swing by the shop tomorrow and go over with the mechanic to see what will need to be done. I'm thinking new short block is going to be next...

<fingers crossed> hopefully get my baby back soon.

IFyou're covered like me, you'll most likely receive an entire long-block. It'll be way cheaper AND EASIER for insurance to simply swap out the entire long block, rather than a dealer having to worry about getting the heads disassembled, inspected and skimmed if needed, then needing to worry about correctly torque'ing the heads onto the block (which we all know is an entire can of worms in and of itself.)

Production numbers of my Type-S (with the specific J35) are much less than the STi so if they were able to source me a J35, an EJ25 should be no problem for you.
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