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Default Re: HELP, street flooded out and stopped my STI :(

Originally Posted by Jay11STI View Post
Yes you are correct in that statement. I too have gotten other engines that have hydrolocked before to run. Sometime they run ok and sometimes they don't.
Right. A buddy with an old XJ did a water crossing and though it ran for a bit after hydrolock it ended up throwing a rod.

Then there was another guy I met on the same trail at a different time with a 6.5L diesel powered FJ40. That thing was some feat of engineering. Anyway the turbo inlet tube wasn't secured and fell into the river. It sucked up the water and locked hard. We pulled the glow plugs and cranked it.That was some nasty water that came out of there. After we got it back together it ran perfect. I figure it takes a lot more to bend a diesel.

I guess the only SNAFU was since I didn't know much about diesels and neither did the owner we didn't pull the glow plugs at first. I asked if they went into the cylinders and he said no. So we pulled an injector. Well we pulled the top off anyway. When he cranked it 27 small pieces of the mechanical injector went airborne and landed in the sand. We had to pull the rest of that injector, then another injector so I could figure out how the bits went back together. After pulling the whole injector we realized the glow plugs would work to evacuate the water. So he pulled the rest of the glow plugs while I found all the pieces then disassembled the second injector. I managed to find them all with a magnet, clean them with Brakleen then reassemble both injectors. I want to say that all took something like 12 hours on the sandy banks of the Platte river.

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