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Default Re: Oil temps way high after header install

Originally Posted by mheyman View Post
Perhaps you blown up my guess, but I took:

to mean you had worked on or with your oil cooler - which was my whole point. If not that makes it far less likely it the problem. Rereading I believe that the oil temps were already hot before you messed with it.

Water cooled AOS? If plumbed as in the diagram it should have made no difference.
Oil cooler was never touched. Oil temps were normal in the past.

Regardless, I think it's a good thought. One that has been shared by others among my racing friends.

Yes, water cooled AOS. I believe all was installed correctly... and I think if it was done wrongly it would have been pretty obvious from the start. But worth a thought.

I'm working 8am to 1am ish every day this week and hoping to run SCCA Time Trials this weekend at High Plains Raceway. Had a couple friends come through for me... picked up a spare stock oil cooler as well as a complete oil cooler setup with a 25 row Mocal cooler. Dropped it all off tonight at a good shop -- hopefully they can either find an issue with the stock cooler/lines and/or install the Mocal setup so I can still run this weekend.
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