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Default Re: Gabby the Nurburgring Challenge STi: Advan x Alcon x ARC x IAG x Ron Davis x Vari

Hey everyone, we just hit 80,000 views and I thank-you all from the bottom of my heart for your continuous support throughout Gabby’s journey!

Ok so let's get started; this update takes place in the Middle of January 2018.

Alright so due to an issue that came up with my MSI Rear Lateral Links, I had to unfortunately return them for Voodoo13 Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms and get a store credit through Touge Tuning.

With the credit that I had, I ended up getting the MSI Billet Seat Bracket…but not one set…I got 2 sets of Seat Brackets!!

Now you’re probably wondering, “Alex, you have 1 Recaro SPG Seat and a Stock STi Seat, why did you get 2 sets of Seat Brackets?!
Well…slight surprise…I will be SELLING both my Recaro SPG and Stock STi Seat…crazy, I know.
But don’t worry, I have some exciting ideas for the interior coming soon, and it’ll be worth selling my beloved Recaro SPG.

Please enjoy the pictures:

Judging by last update’s teaser picture, you also know that something else arrived…

My Voltex Universal Hatch Spoiler arrived!!!! Special thank-you goes to my good friend [email protected] for getting me this spoiler in fairly quick time, and his exceptional service!

Be sure to check out Japan Parts at the following link:

Japan Parts Website

Please enjoy the pictures:

Thank-you again for stopping by and checking out this update! Some exciting things are going down next post, so stay tuned!!

As always, please enjoy some teaser pictures:

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