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Default Re: Oil Analysis: Motul Xcess 8100 5w40, 5437km OCI, 2010

I am about to have my first analysis done after using E85 for the last 2k miles. The guy that tuned my car recommended Mobil 1 5w30 EP. He says they use it in all the Subaru's they work on. A woman that works at the shop also told me the the T6 I was using can cause rod bearing failure when I has them changing the oil I brought my own . .

Hopefully the results come back okay, the car has 37k and hasn't consumed any oil in the last almost 2k miles. I ran cobb stage 1+ for 15k miles and stage 1 OTS for 2k miles.

I also have Mobile one 0w40 European blend sitting at home that I will be putting next and getting another analysis done.
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