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Default Re: Coilovers or lowering springs, bushings, sway bars???

My uses are much like yours (with the exception of the track days).

I don't know about the replacement springs and shocks arcflash is quoting but in my opinion
(based on my 17 STI with no lowering) replacing the rear sway (larger), rear lower control arms (rear camber control), sway bar end links (stiffer), urethane bushings (stiffer) gave me everything I wanted in getting rid of the understeer and better turn in and control ability.

I am not saying that you don't need a thicker front sway if you lower...I am saying that I would do everything else before I changed out the front sway bar for a thicker/stronger one.

It is so easy to do I would do everything else...see if it is still needed and then do it.
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