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Sup fellow sti owners....

08 sti
Ring landings went to the big engine bay in the sky

Perrin inlet
Cobb intake
Cobb ap
Cobb 1050 inj
Cobb ebc
Cobb fuel pumperino
Cobb 20g
Cobb stickers x20
Invidia exhaust from turbo all the way back

I been having a very difficult time finding a shop that wants to work with me. I don't want my daily driver to become a race kor. But shops keep telling me to buy a cheap Honda and just urinate cash away into my sti. Nobody wants to do small, fun, stage 1 iag builds. Everyone thinks they can just push everyone towards some ridiculous stage 3 build for nearly 18 grand.

When my engine blew it was stage 2 Cobb only, stock turbo with a pro tune. Then I bought those juicy goodies to get ready for my engine build coming up.

I found this one shop though. He wants to do a Type RA shortblawk with half inch head studs. I can't find a single drop of Intel anywhere on the useless internet about people running 20g turbos through the RA, and considering the fact im keeping my factory heads I'm scared I'll just blow it right back up. And I can't afford to be a pioneer in this industry.

I guess I don't really know what I'm tryna get out of this forum. We all know what I have to do.
Maybe I can just keep updating you guys on my build and how it's going.

I think my next move will be to just buy a stage 1 blawk and have it shipped to my house then just take all my parts to Mofab and have those gents take care of what I can't do.

I'm in Colorado.... Subaru capital USA and go figure the best shops are way too far from me. Funk E built and boost creep are the reputable shops im talking about. And the shop I mentioned previously, Mofab, are some really good guys and very experienced tuners as well as builders, but I'm afraid they only want to work with high profile spenders. Which im not complaining about, they build serious cars. I just want someone to take my money lol

Anyway this is my story and if anyone has any good info im ears open
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