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Default Re: Memorable STi Experiences

I got pulled over for doing 70 in a 55 while raining. I was in the middle lane, it was a Sunday morning 8 am so no one was really on the road. All of a sudden state trooper comes flying down the on ramp so fast he hit a huge puddle and water went everywhere. I get in the right lane in front of him and downshift and 30 seconds later his lights go on. I drive about another half mile because there really wasn't a shoulder.

I pulled over on the grass as soon as I could and was out of the way of traffic. I shut down the car and put the fob on the dash haha. He ended up pulling up on my right side, rolled down the window and started cursing me out . I sitting there like, wtf? He says you know how fast you were going, I replied about 65, he says, 70 you were going 70 in this rain where people are spinning out and getting killed, where are you headed. I said sorry officer, I was on
my way to work "I don't care where you were going" .. I apologized again and said I will slow down and he continued to mumble under his breath, closed his window and took off.

I honestly think he was mad because, he knew he had somewhere to be and couldn't ticket me. He looked a little more decorated and probably didn't want to get wet either. He ended up getting off the next exit. I'm pretty sure if he sees me again I'm getting pulled over.
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