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Default Re: Aftermarket TMIC with stock tune

Originally Posted by MazNJ View Post
Because you are yamahaSHO I'm sort of taking this at face value but under all circumstances / levels of build the stock intercooler is superior to any aftermarket? I'd think every part is improvable - whether cost efficient or not is another story?

I'm personally banned from removing the crash bar so FMIC for me isn't an option and it seemed like my aftermarket TMIC has contributed to my build with my tuners agreeing and in fact requesting it originally. But I'd be curious if its worth the time and effort to swap in the stock and retune and see what happens. In the process of trying to make a shroud for my aftermarket but would be easier to simply swap back in the stock probably.
Cobb's fmic has a crash bar, so there's that option if you need it. But I would think you'd want a higher flowing turbo to support the increased volume of the intercooler in that case. The stock tmic is a pretty good match for the stock turbo, but a lot of people do change it.
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