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Default Re: Aftermarket TMIC with stock tune

I don’t have a full answer as to tuning — past responses I’ve seen have been “tune is required to get full benefits of larger core”, but I don’t have the expertise to fully confirm that...

I’ve been super interested in the Mishimoto TMIC due to the R&D that went into it (the article says 08-14, but it has since been cleared up to the ‘19):
Subaru STi Intercooler 2008-2014 | Mishimoto Engineering Blog

They used a stock car, so I got the impression that it would not need a tune... either way, Mishimoto is great with communication if you wanted to drop them a line...

I have the same interests as you with our high MD humidity... I’m on a stage 1 tune, and I wouldn’t mind getting a cooler upgrade just for improved efficiency and more consistent power delivery in the summer months.
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