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Default Re: Oil temps way high after header install

Originally Posted by killerbmotorsport View Post
It's definitely a good track mod insurance policy. As far as oil temps, it's not substitute for a remote oil cooler, but does generally bring temps down ~5-15°f. These cars run fairly cold oil temps compared to most other turbo cars out there. Remote coolers are needed far less often unless you are track only, high HP, and in the southern states. Often times necessity requires more than one of these conditions to occur.

If you track and use a high quality synthetic, 250°f is when to keep a watchful eye and 260°f is when it's time to take a cool down lap. My personal sweet spot for our engines (and even OEM engines), the oils we use, and the conditions we see, is ~220°-240°.
I'd been considering the pan mostly from everything I've heard about the possibility of lateral loads on track causing oil starvation. But dropping the temps would be a good side benefit too. Not sure how to tell if I'm in a danger zone with oil starvation, but I think I might be getting close.

Funny enough, I was already planning on an external oil cooler this year. My car is not high HP or track only but last season I was pretty consistently hitting 250 during 20 minute sessions. Almost entirely on tracks in Colorado with a couple days in Phoenix in late November.

Originally Posted by mheyman
Yes. It is a 2 wire sensor? You can most likely measure a resistance at a fixed temperature. Two points are better, freezing (use a glass of water and ice that has sit for a bit.) and boiling.
Gotcha. I do believe it's a 2 wire... I can check.

Originally Posted by awenthol
If you had the car tuned after installing the header, my money is on the tune running hotter.
Originally Posted by mheyman
Without re-reading, you installed the header with or without re-tuning? Was the tune a "pro-tune"? I hate that term. Sounds as if this is under closed loop. Do you have an A/F gauge? Hot is generally lean?
That's an interesting idea. The car was retuned after the header was installed. The car had previously been dyno tuned by CamTuning down in Albuquerque... he cancelled on me the night before the tune appointment this time around so I got it e-tuned by Eric at Torqued Performance.

I do have a wideband AFR gauge. It does seem to run fairly lean (14s) until boost comes on. Goes quite rich at WOT, usually 10.4-10.8. I've seen 10.2 a few times in higher gears.
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