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Default RallySportDirect website turbocharged with massive lag

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted here but I think this thread would really benefit other members and avoid time issue and annoyance.

So I got the Subaru shifter wiggle in gear and it's time for some upgraded linkage bushing. Since the whole thing has to come apart, I planned to upgrade all the mounts and bushings while I'm at it. Being non-usa resident I go back to RSD website and ordered what I wanted and paid 100+ shipping with a 2 weeks holiday coming up. This is on 12th March and everything listed on RSD website was "in stock" and their website boasted about how live updated their inventory database is. After completing order, the webpage refreshed with an order number for a split second, I went back into my account page to check and everything was empty including all my previous orders. So I'm left wondering whether my order went through or not. Thankfully I did not try to place another order of the same thing.

Waited 2 days and still a blank account page so I finally decide to check out their Facebook page and see what's up and drop a message there. I finally got a reply after 3 business days since order from the Facebook PR that my order went through though not shown up at all. A few hours later I finally got the order on my account page. So I thought all was good.

4 business days and a weekend passed, my order is still in processing. Not amused, I dropped another email to ask RSD what's up. Lo and behold, they tell me one of the items I ordered is out of stock and needed to be ordered before they can ship to me but never gave me any estimated date for shipping. This is the 10th day since order, my order is still stuck at processing. I can't order from another website coz I'll have to eat the money loss on exchange rate and most likely be penalised with RSD's terms and conditions.

RSD get your act together!!! A website update doesn't justify making your customer wait with little to no updates or reply from your side. Someone fucked up on website/database migration, avoid RSD if possible.
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