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Default Re: Gabby the Nurburgring Challenge STi: C3 x TT x MSI x ARC x IAG x Varis x Ron Davi

Welcome back everyone!

The updates keep getting better and better it seems, so I’ll continue this madness with another EPIC post regarding the Legendary Alcon Big Brake Kit!

This update takes place mid-November 2017.

So the story behind this update is I happened to be perusing through NASIOC, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking through the Suspension/Handling and the Braking For Sale Section! I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for some Motorsport-grade parts.

I managed to see a thread with a Subject line of something like “JRZ RS Pro and Alcons FS 08 STi+

Here was a previous picture of the Alcon brakes that I posted a few updates ago:

You better believe I clicked the link at light speed

I got in touch with the seller Jon, and started to ask for more information! He advised me that they are designed for the STi, but he had them retrofitted on his 08 WRX. The reason for sale was he was planning to get rid of the car, and upgrade to a Lotus Exige!! Not a bad upgrade if you ask me!!

Here's a picture of how they looked on his car:

Super nice! Ok so in order to do the deal, he would need Cash and my Stock STi brakes…alright I can work with that!


He lives in New Jersey (I live in Toronto). I definitely didn’t want to ship my brakes, that’d be too much of a hassle. So what do you think this CRAZY person did….YES you probably guessed it…I made a 10-hour drive to New Jersey in my mom’s car to perform the transaction!!!

I can be spontaneous and crazy, I know, but I have the drive to get what I want exactly, and Jon was totally cool with that…he actually preferred a Local sale (I guess he didn’t specify if the Buyer had to be local though haha!!)

So anyways, I made the drive down, got everything, headed back home that same day, and I was safe and sound back at home with the Alcon Brakes!! Thanks again Jon for giving me the opportunity to buy the brakes…if you didn’t already sell the JRZs, I would’ve bought those too

I ended up getting the Alcon Brake Calipers Ceramic Coated, to always keep them protected and for ease with the cleaning process!

Here’s how they look on the car:

I think the Silver-on-Silver with the Enkei RPF1s is definitely a winning combination!

As happy as I am with this combo, I SOLD THE RPF1s!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, you read that right, even after I was so happy with how the wheels and brakes looked together, I still sold my beloved RPF1s…here’s why:

YES!!!! ADVAN GTs baby!!! My dream wheels are finally here!! In case you forgot, back at Hypermeet 2015, I remember telling you all in the post how much I love the Advan GTs, and how one day I would get them. Well that day has finally come!

I managed to find a fairly beat up set of Advan GTs locally in Toronto, and decided to pull the trigger and buy them! I will be sending them over to Leprecon Wheel Refinishing to have them refinished from any curb rash, and to be powdercoated Gloss White.

I can’t wait to mount these rims on Gabby, it’s going to totally change the look of the car, and also make my life a lot easier cleaning the rims

Thank-you all for stopping by, and stay tuned for next update…all I’m going to say is Gabby is looking a bit “empty.”

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