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Default Re: Oil temps way high after header install

Originally Posted by killerbmotorsport View Post
You'd be surprised how little header and header proximity effects oil temps. Many years ago (before we made headers) we had a road coarse track guy who had a set of F-R headers that made contact with our pan. Not just a little contact, but primary contact along a +6" surface ON the pan. He had no overheating issues. NOT what I'd ever recommend, but it certainly showed how little the header effects the areas around it. If you you look at flow, volume, surface area, etc. a worse case scenario and you're exposing <2% to higher temps.

I would check your sender connections/ground. If they were disturbed during the header install that could effect the temp reading on the gauge.

What else changed when the header was changed? Oil change? Tune? Fuel type?
Interesting. The intake was changed from an SPT to a Grimmspeed along with the headers and the car was retuned for those changes.

I am starting to wonder about the sensor. It's a Defi sensor in the pan using a Killer B drain plug adaptor. The part of the sensor that is exposed to the air around the headers (not the actual sensing part, more where you would tighten it into the plug) is metal and is open to the air. I could definitely see how it could be getting heated and cause an elevated reading -- though I'd imagine it would be insulated against something like that.

Originally Posted by killerbmotorsport
As far as wrap goes, we no longer warranty headers that are wrapped. This was a change we made a few years ago after seeing some failures due to wrap induced corrosion. In short, wrap in-use under daily driving conditions causes rapid oxidation (corrosion) of the base metal. Ideally headers used for daily driving are either left bare, or coated. If you want a coating that performs on the same level as a high performance wrap (and have the time and budget, as it's a long and expensive process), I recommend a product we use; Swain Tech Multi-Layer Ceramic Coating.
The one nice thing about CO is that they don't salt the roads here. So while it would be exposed to wet conditions (or as much as the undertray lets through), it wouldn't be getting covered in salt. Even so... sounding like you wouldn't recommend a wrap?

I'm sure Swaintech has a great product... and if I had gotten the headers straight from you I would've opted for that option. I got an amazing deal on them from a vendor though, so I bought them bare. It's not so much the cost for Swaintech that has me shying away... it's the huge downtime for the car and especially how many folks on here have had problems with receiving their headers back in poor shape or with overspray issues they had to clean up later.

As an aside... your website says both that you can wrap (and keep the warranty) and also that you do not warranty wrapped headers. Might want to remove the first mention

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