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Originally Posted by mheyman View Post
My 05 has done that since the day I bought it in 2012.<img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" />
Thin windshields were introduced with the WRX in 2004? Done for weight reduction but the approved glass cost more, not less. Going thicker my be a downgrade, not an upgrade - I am unsure of today's technology - 2004 was 15 years ago.
Nope, the tech hasn’t changed, just the marketing. In 2004, it was the hot car, competing with the Evo. Now the only competition it has are the Golf R, S3, etc - so adding a bit more daily driveability is the goal.

Edit to address the point about handling you just added -

I’ve had a 2004, a 2013 hatch, and a 2018. In terms of handling, the 2004 was an absolute beast, the 2013 was solid, but never particularly awe-inspiring, and the 18 was mostly a return to form. Definitely did not have the sharpness of the 2004, but the substantially better steering rack and chassis stiffness make up for 95% of it. The new car really isn’t a ton heavier, and, while reasonably comfortable, it is still pretty damn stiff. The 2004 beat the living heck out of me when commuting, the 2018 still had plenty of edge, without wearing me down.

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