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Default Re: Cylinder 4 cooling kit

Originally Posted by viper_crazy View Post
Is the reason why Subaru put the knock sensor over #4 for the reason that is the most prone to problems? Or is that a theory that someone came up with one day simply because it correlated? I've always followed this reasoning because I have no other explanation, at least I agree it would be the loudest as the sensor is right there, nor am I smart enough to come up with another, but it's not as if the knock sensor is practically deaf to the other cylinders, right? If a highly trained ear can hear knock on any cylinder and the sensor is tuned to pick up a certain frequency for knock, then is placement really that critical?

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Actually I read something about this somewhere. The knock sensor may rest on top of 4th cylinder, but it is able to know which cylinder is knocking by the crank angle sensor. Something like that.
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