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Default Quiet -- stock like sound level -- turbo back exhaust

Originally Posted by NoNoBadDog View Post
@EightTenths thanks for your reply. I am wondering if a Milltek catted & resonated DP would tone things down to an acceptable level without giving up performance. That way I could stay with the AWE CB.

Thoughts on my theory?

Are there any Milltek dealers in the US?
Yes I think adding a resonator will help tame it. Issue is we can only fit bullet style next to the drive shaft but fitting one at the DP is a great idea.

Prime Motoring can you anything. I met a customer of theirs last weekend building an iAG stg2 tuff GR STI with Milltek resonated catted DP and catback. He didn’t like the drone caused by Cobb CBE in his hatch. His build is still waiting on some parts so I’m looking forward to hearing it!

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