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Default Re: Quiet -- stock like sound level -- turbo back exhaust

Originally Posted by EightTenths View Post
Stock like sound level turbo back exhaust is what I’m currently evaluating. Cobb downpipe and titanium exhaust. 75dB crusing inside the cabin vs 72dB with a stock exhaust. Tone is similar just a little bit louder. The low frequency bass when AVCS kicks in at 3k is just like stock as well. It’s a bit quieter than Q300 when new but without baffles that break down I anticipate Cobb will stay consistent over time. I have no idea why a non resonated titanium exhaust is so tame so there’s room to add a Vibrant resonator or Helmholtz in the midpipe to tame it even more. But any quieter just stay stock.

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I just installed a Cobb catted DP with my already installed AWE Touring CB. It is quite a bit louder now. Cruising is OK, but when accelerating it is noticeably louder than with the stock DP/AWE combo. I really like the unique sound of the AWE, but I don't think my neighbors feel the same now that the volume is clicked up a notch.

I am now starting to consider changing to another cat back to bring the volume back down while retaining the DP. In your testing is the Cobb Ti CB noticeably quieter than the AWE throughout the RPM range?

I have read that Milltek ($$$$) and possibly the Perrin dual tube CB are quieter options, too. Anyone have feedback on them with an aftermarket DP?
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