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Default Re: Quiet -- stock like sound level -- turbo back exhaust

Originally Posted by jaswrx View Post
what I am asking is can one buy a GD exhaust and put it on a VA.

The Cobb from the GD sounds better than dual setup found on the VA, and I was a big fan.

I personally hated the Cobb exhaust on my VA. Way too deep and intruded horribly in the cabin. The Corsa was soooooo much better, even though it was much louder. The amount of complaints from family and friends with my Cobb setup didn't help either.

My favorite exhaust (only made for GD), and really nothing comes close (corsa is the closest) is the Apexi WS2. I really want to put that on my car, which is why I am asking.

I assume the fitment would be all kinds of messed up, but maybe an exhaust shop could get it to work?
The GD stuff will not fit the GV/VA platforms without someone fabricating it to fit. The main reason the GD stuff sounds better is because the acoustics aren't split in two at the axle like the late model cars. A single exit exhaust will always sound better on a EJ than a dual especially when acoustics for daily driving are important. I had several systems on my 06 STI from Fujitsubo, Cobb, and eventually the HKS STM which was my favorite. All these, without question sounded better than my 15 STI does with the HKS Legamax Premium.
The main issue you'll find trying to purchase an single exit for the late model cars is all the systems are made for "racing" which makes them loud/er than preferred. No company I'm aware of makes a touring style muffler single exit exhaust for the GV/VA chassis so anything like you are describing must be custom made.
Also consider the car itself has different acoustics so making an exhaust to mimic the same thing on a GD may not yield the exact results you expect.

Not sure if mentioned in previous posts, but any EJ equipped Subaru with the addition of an EL header will sound quieter due to the pulse frequency being evenly spaced. Maybe this would help if you haven't done it yet.

I wish Fujitsubo didn't step down the primary pipe size to 70mm when they use to make the GD stuff 76mm! If they made their new systems with a 76mm primary they would easily be at the same level as HKS or quieter depending on cbe model compared. They have a quad carbon tipped system system that would look awesome! Akropovic Also would be nice but they said they aren't interested in making exhausts for Japanese cars unless it's the R35 GTR...sad. The EvoX system they sell the least numbers of and is what made them decide the Subaru market wasn't worth investing in...Im sure they're right.

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