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Default Re: Gabby the Nurburgring Challenge STi: C3 x TT x MSI x ARC x IAG x Varis x Ron Davi

Hope everyone is doing well, thank-you for stopping by for another update!

This update takes place around early October 2017.

For today’s post, we are going to focus on Weight Reduction!

I first stopped by Gabby’s 2nd home – Touge Tuning – for some guidance on helping Gabby shed some weight.

A great mod for my particular usage/application was to replace the stock STi battery with a Lightweight Battery. We felt as though the Odyssey Extreme PC680 would be best for addressing several reasons:
  • ICE (In-Car-Electronics) so all the Alpine speakers and tweeters
  • Parasitic Aftermarket Security System constantly draining the battery
  • Lighter than stock battery (OEM weighs 32lbs vs. Odyssey weighing 14lbs)

Special thanks goes to the Touge Tuning team for always pointing Gabby and I in the right direction with this journey.

Be sure to check out the experts of Subarus – Touge Tuning – for your needs at the following links:

Touge Tuning Website
Touge Tuning Facebook Page
Touge Tuning Instagram
Touge Tuning Youtube Channel

Now in the last post there was A LOT, borderline TOO MUCH teasers regarding Carbon Fiber, and I guess Carbon Fiber counts as Weight Reduction right?
I ended up purchasing Seibon’s exclusive DRY CARBON Hatch, which is not the standard Carbon Fiber Trunk (FRP with real carbon overlayed on top) that they offer. This product is FULL Dry Carbon (inside and out).

The main benefits of opting for the Full Dry Carbon Trunk is:
- Maximized weight savings with Dry Carbon=8lbs…OEM=25lbs, Seibon Wet Carbon=14lbs
- Dry Carbon (Matte) Finish

Unfortunately, this comes with a hefty price tag of about $2000 USD.
Again the goal is to make it as track-oriented as possible, hence why I chose to go with the Dry Carbon Hatch option.

Special thanks goes to my best friend [email protected] for helping to source this Work of Art Hatch…it’s STUNNING!

Enjoy the pictures:

Needless to say, this hatch is LIGHT! To fully maximize the weight savings, I will NOT be putting the OEM Glass Rear Window back in this trunk. Rather, I will be purchasing a Plastics4Performance Polycarbonate Rear Window.

Be sure to check out Wheelsco at the following links:

Wheelsco Website
Wheelsco Facebook Page
Wheelsco Instagram Page

I also went to Portugal to watch Ronaldo and the boys in their World Cup Qualifying match against Switzerland. While there, I ended up seeing some BEAUTIFUL cars at the Hotel we stayed at:

Ferrari 275 GTB, Ferrari 488 Spider, Mercedes S450, and Lamborghini Aventador SV!

After returning back home, here’s a shot of the car parked at the office:

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to stay tuned for the next update when we find out what’s inside this tall, rectangular box.

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