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Default Re: Baron's '05 STi journal - **Dyno day was a success!**

Well as usual, life gets in the way, so I haven't posted 'til now...but thanks Kyle! It sure feels awesome to get to a better point with this car. Hopefully things keep looking up!

Thanks Jason! Those numbers look good. We'll see ya whenever you make it out this month.

On the car front, haven't been able to drive for a while sadly, because it's been raining a shit ton and additionally, I've got the car off the ground getting these RAYS to fit. Made some progress though, see below. I'm waiting to hear back from Fortune regarding some things, so can't really progress 'til then. Bought one RE-71R tire to test-fit, remaining 3 are showing up today and will get those mounted ASAP. Trying to get this all done before Jason gets out here so we can do some road tuning. Will be good to be on fresh tires.

New mount test-fitting. You can see the welded washers there.

This is how far it sticks out with the bolt all the way outboard in the wider slots, before we adjusted the camber plate. I need to replace the pillowball mount on this corner anyways since some of the holes for the 4 camber locking bolts wouldn't accept the bolts - out of the box. Fortune sent me two replacements fo' free. The way it's sitting now, we are almost completely tucked under the arch. Once I install a new pillowball, I'll be able to get a bit more negative camber

Wheel to locking collar clearance with adjustment all the way outboard, again before camber plate adjustment.

I think I'll be able to get these to fit at current ride height and without rolling the rears; fingers crossed. I'll be getting another alignment after this is all fitted of course. Shit's gonna look good son.
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