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Default Motul 5w30 8100 x-clean EFE oil analysis

A while back people were wondering how an oil analysis of
Motul 8100 x-clean EFE 5w30 would look.

Well last fill I changed from Eneos Sustina 5w30 (after 2 fills) to the Motul.

The Motul was run for just over 3K miles. With a couple of big mountain road trips (lots of mountains, lots of passes of other vehicles and high altitude at highway speeds).

So just about as abusive as I get on my STI.

I guess I am fairly pleased. Got rid of the viscosity drop I saw on both the factory fill as well as the 2x Eneos fills. Didn't add a drop of makeup oil (burned maybe .1 quarts according to the thing that Subaru thinks is an accurate dipstick). Filled again this time with Motul.

Here is the report: Oldest is the factory fill, next 2 are the Eneos Sustina, last is the Motul.

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