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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - Took some infrared pics of the car!

What do you do when you have an Infrared Camera at work and nobody is using it? Take pictures of the car ofcourse!

I wanted to show heat coming out of the fender vents which was not as easy as I was hoping. The temperature of the louver is not that much greater than the rest of the fender after driving around town so the visuals are not as much of a stark contrast, but you can still see whats going on. I took a couple temperature points of the outer fender (cooler blue area), the inner fender area (which has heat transfer from the wheel and engine bay warming it), and the actual louver itself, which is almost as warm as the inner fender but not as much.

Now there are a couple interesting factors (to me at least) at play here.
1. There is warm air from the fender being heated by the tires/brakes and engine bay being exhausted through the louver and warming it.
2. The Exhausted air from the fender is significantly warmer than the ambient air (its like 60 degrees F ambient currently and the pics show the inner fender around 110 degrees F).
3. The louver temperature is much closer to the exhaust air temperature than the ambient. air temperature.

This tells me that there must be an airflow bubble around the louver that is not allowing the ambient air to contact and cool the louvers while driving. So there must be a pretty decent amount of air pressure exiting these vents to displace the high pressure ambient airflow. Singular Motorsports know there stuff!

SP1: Louver temp
SP2: Temperature inside the fender
SP3: Fender temp1
SP4: Fender temp2
SP5: Tire temp

These temperatures were taken after driving around town, higher speeds may change how hot the louver is able to get. Racing, which naturally produces much more heat, will probably show and even greater heat delta of exhausted air.

Oh, and while we're at it, here is the little exhaust heat shield I made, surrounding the exhaust tips, clearly working well

And here is a picture of the turbo/downpipe. There is as much as an 80 degree F difference between the outside of the turbo blanket and the exterior of the downpipe (which is ceramic coated)! Based on these temps, its pretty clear i wasn't driving the car too hard. LOL

That was fun. What else can I do with that camera
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