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Default Re: Baron's '05 STi journal - **Break-in thang done, but done for season**

I actually looked closely at some pics comparing the Fortunes and some other coilover sets, and forgot to mention that the locking collars are actually smaller in diameter compared to the springs, so I'm kind of even more surprised at how close a 8.5" wheel with a +48 offset is. But I'm going off memory of how it looked at the time. I'll post a pic when I get the car back.

Yes yes guys, I know, haha. I'm still on the fence about it though, however it is just my driveway I'm worried about. I think I'm the only one in Omaha with that lip though(for a GDB at least). Once the street gets repaired, the overlay will come back up the end of my driveway about 1.5-2ft, making for a nice transition again. It's eroded away over the past few years :/
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