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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - Looking around at rear wing options

Originally Posted by Nick411 View Post
WRC style wing to match the overhang as well as flare/wide body?

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Since this comment, I have been thinking about the OEM wing in the back and what kind of "options" I have back there. I'm not interested in going full on race wing, so I'd like to to be relatively stock-ish looking.

The first obvious option, is the beautiful WRC wing that was on the Hawkeye and Blob eye with all the strakes in the middle. However after looking around, that wing is HIGH downforce wing, which is optimized to produce lots of downforce at around 60mph (closer to rally speeds which are typically much slower than road course speeds). According to to one of the subaru drivers (maybe Ken Block?) this wing produced too much downforce at highway and up speeds. But after looking closely at the profile of the "real" WRC wing, it is actually a VERY aggressive wing profile. So this seems a reasonable conclusion.

Next I thought about the previous generation of that wing back on the bugeye that didnt have the strakes but still protruded further back about 6 inches like the one above. The strakes were due to the rally car going sideways a lot anyway, so loosing them isn't bad for a road course. But then I realized both of these wings mean sacrificing my 3rd brake light, which is not something I want to do on my daily.

So I'm mostly left with the likes of the Syms wing which actually attaches to the OEM wing base but still has a slightly more raked, and slightly more aggressive wing profile to it.

This would improve the wing function, have it tilted further back to lessen the difference to the diffuser overhang, retain the OEM 3rd brake light, and still look fairly stock-ish.

So I think thats the winnerwinnerchickendinner. But I can only find one or two places even selling them and the FRP replica is still like $800 Which makes all of this sort of a moot conversation since I don't plan to spend that much on a wing anyway... Unless I can spot a deal on a used one somewhere

What do you think? Any other good ones I should consider, or am I just wasting my time entirely?
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