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Default Re: Quiet -- stock like sound level -- turbo back exhaust

Originally Posted by DaveC113 View Post
Tomei exits left side... it's a really nice exhaust but it's loud. If I could have something just like it but half as loud I'd be happy. If I was to change anything I'd either put a new muffler on it or sell it for a Q300 single and possibly replace the Q300 muffler with something else.

Anyways, the shape of the Y or T does matter a lot, it's the discontinuity that causes the resonance and is the reason the "dual exhaust" has these issues. Corsa and others use Helmholtz or other resonators designed to eliminate the bassy drone sound so in their case the shape of the split doesn't matter as much.
You could defintely chop it off and put a new muffler. Is the Tomei the same exaust they sold for the GR and GD, or is it 15 spefcific, like that Q300 is?

The Corsa still has that drone tone a tad b/c of the dual, but less than other exhaust out on the market, but that is not bc of the resonaotr, it's the muffler design. But do what I do, and block off the other side in the y pipe, but welding it shut. So it's the look of the dual.
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