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Default Re: Baron's '05 STi journal - **Break-in thang done, but done for season**

Originally Posted by BlueScooby View Post
Yeah, ive realilzed +45 is really close if you want to go aggressive on summer tire sizing... Hopefully you don't have any clearance issues
Well what I'd REALLY wanted was to do a 9 inch wheel with a 255/40 tire. Obviously we all know that's the upper limit and sometimes, beyond the limit of what a GD can fit without fender mods, which is what I'm hoping to avoid. You and Blingstrom both have the 9 inch GTV02(I LOVE that wheel but sadly no bronze ) and have a 255? I suppose if I have to, I'd be open to a slight roll of the rears. The only thing I'm super concerned about is that strut clearance. With the 17x8.5 +48 of the Type Cs, I had roughly 10-12mm from wheel lip to spring perch on the Fortune Autos in the rear. I didn't really get up in there and measure, so I'll check when the car comes back home. Now, going to a 17x9 +45 obviously pushes the overall wheel outboard by 3mm, but then is negated by the 6.3mm -or, 1/4- gained on either side of the wheel. So basically I'd be ~3mm closer than where I am currently just on the wheel size difference. I think it still may be ok. But throwing on a 255-sized tire may be a totally different issue. Anyone out there with a 255 and 9 inch wheel let me know what tire/wheel you have and feel free to post a pic showing how far the tire extends past the wheel lip. I welcome any tips/feedback.

Originally Posted by BlueScooby View Post
Interested in what you want to do seat wise. Even though I already replaced my drivers seat (3 times actually) I'm still not 100% sold (just because its a full bucket in a street car). I think that the ideal setup is to have a really good bolstered recliner, but that really limits choices if you want a "good" seat (not to mention they get pricey QUICK!)... I would probably go Bride Stradia myself but I just cant see dropping a that much coin on a single seat...
Wow, three times?! I hear that though. But for what I want to do with the car, and after getting used to the Recaros, the stockers in the STi seem a little too....idk...bouncy? and not very bolstered. Bolstered recliners would be good, but like you said is a bit limiting and yes very pricey fast. Stradias are super nice, but a bit too expensive right now. I did just pick up a Sparco seat rail from Jason last week when I was out in CO. Need to put it to good use....

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