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Default Re: Quiet -- stock like sound level -- turbo back exhaust

Corsa is the quietest cruising exhaust I have heard, and I have had 3 exhaust on my car, and probably have heard 8 in person.

I am mainly referring to cruising and normal driving (not full throttle)

It's much quieter than the Cobb I had which was pretty bassy and really got into the cabin, especially around 2400 rpm.

It's the tone and frequencies that are tuned not to be annoying and cause drone or bassy exhaust notes.

The best part is even though it is not obtrusive, the sound is super aggressive and airy, and IMO sounds better than any exhaust you can buy for our cars.

Lastly, if you want even quieter and less "drone" for aftermarket exhaust, don't buy a dual exhaust. Something happens in the Y, and creates extra sound that gets into the cabin. It slightly changes the tone and seems to be louder at around 2-3k with the y in the mix.

I actually had the Y pipe welded as if I am running a single exhaust but left everything else in place, so I technically have a Corsa single, lol.

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