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Default Re: Quiet -- stock like sound level -- turbo back exhaust

Originally Posted by murfnamedsmurf View Post
Did the issue end up getting resolved? I've heard issues about fit and finish before which is a damn shame given the cost. However, most aftermarket exhausts are geared toward being louder for obvious reasons so the options really are limited. I plan to go ELH so keeping SPT is unlikely an option, but stock is more restrictive than I would like. I wonder what would happen if I just put a shit load of resonators on the SPT
I had a resonated SPT that came with the car and it sucked, same issues.

The problem is the way the T is designed and with the SPT it's intentionally meant to drone and be loud at lower rpm and not be too loud at WOT. The T in the SPT is a 90 degree angle which will reinforce sound with the same wavelength or fractional multiples of the wavelength.

The T on the stock exhaust is not a 90 degree angle and it doesn't drone to the same degree vs the SPT.

Aftermarket stuff wants to make more power and it simply can't without being louder. The quietest exhausts add the least amount of power, and loudest add more. I have a Tomei w stock DP and it makes the car more responsive and keeps it from feeling flat over ~5500 rpms. Adds maybe 10-12 hp. It's loud though, no doubt, but it sounds 1000x better vs the SPT!
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