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Default Re: Tyler's '13 SWP STI-- 417WHP/427WTQ E85 @24psi

Originally Posted by Leemanfor View Post
its a big ass turbo for stock location. and altitude doesn't help turbo spool. but i may be a little jaded. my current td06sl2 doesn't make 15 psi til ~4300 RPMs and im on E85
I mean, the turbo isn't that big. The housing and everything are basically the same size at the FP Green. XR Red and Red are different sizes. That of the XR being smaller with a more efficient wheel and ball bearing not journal bearing. So I actually think this would be more ideal for altitude than the Red.

My FP Green is hitting 24psi by 4200rpm, and I'm guessing this XR would make more boost at the same rpm range.
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