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Default Re: Tyler's '13 SWP STI-- 417WHP/427WTQ E85 @24psi

Originally Posted by tylerandreas View Post
I'm sure a gen 2 makes more power. But it's also $500 more. My car isn't really built to handle a Gen 2 right now. I'm on stock heads, and a non-closed block. Plus, I only have 1300cc injectors. I'm guessing the XR would get me to 500whp on my dyno and elevation, and I can get a discount on it through a friend. Plus, I really like FP stuff now. So I don't mind supporting the business.

Gotcha. Makes sense

Originally Posted by Joebie View Post
Just saw a Gen 1 3076 do 572WHP, but with 272 cams.

I wouldn't mind stock location if it wasn't such a major PITA the work on :-/

Nice, thats more in line with my goals. I will be happy to end up in the 500 whp range with torque around the same number... Currently my car's torque numbers are a little low for my liking (under 400 on IAG's dyno), which is one of the primary reasons I am considering a turbo swap. It sounds like the difference between a 3576 and 3076 is not that substantial from a spool perspective, but the 3576 provides huge margin for increasing power later... but I think it will probably be too big for my current setup, so need to figure it out. I started reading up on how to read compressor maps and calculating proper sizing, etc. Once I know this better, will apply to the two turbos and see where they map out. Also, I am not necessarily set on only one of those two options and if FP has a good cost effective alternative I will definitely be interested.

Regarding stock vs rotated location... I feel that once the car performs to my liking I will not continue to modify more, and if that level can be achieved with stock location, It will be my preference.
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