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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - Diffuser/Underbody RE-DO

Didnt have a lot of time this weekend since we had a birthday party for my boy on saturday, but I still got some stuff done nonetheless.

Made the small adjustments/trimming needed on the panel under the gas tanks and made a custom jack-point block to fill the void between the rear diff and the panel. I contemplated just cutting a hole like I did on the V1 setup and covering the hole with a sheet of rubber, but I just couldn't bring myself to cut holes into my brand new solid panel...

The block is made of two sheets of half inch thick high-density polyethylene and two sheets of 1/8" thick viton gasket sheeting. The viton is to deal with the extreme nature of being outdoors/weather resistant, high temperature resitant, and high chemical/oil resistance. Viton holds up extremely well to compression forces with very little deflection, which was another concern for building this block.

Originally I tried to find a solid block of viton or something similar, but thats basically impossible to find and also, VERY expensive. In total, this cost me like $25 to make this block.

I also painted a jack-point marker on the bottom of the panel so I know where to jack the car up with this is all sealed up... haha

Lowered the car down off the jack stands using the block with the panel in place and it worked quite well. No real deflection of the panel and the block didn't crush or anything, so pretty successful installation
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