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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - Diffuser/Underbody RE-DO

Thanks guys! Hopefully its going to be MUCH more functional this time around

This weekend I managed to get in the garage a little and do a couple more things.

I pulled the cabin panel back down again to work on it a little. Here you can see the two additional solid supports I added. Originally I only had those two smaller pieces available (I could've sworn I had some more laying around...) and tried it but I don't think they did anything. So adding the two solid pieces made a noticeable difference in stiffness. There was still just a touch of sag at the far back end but I will be using the next panel as the support for that so no need to add more bracing.

Added rubber trim to the downpipe hole to minimize cuts, whistling air noises, and to generally make it look better

Started working on the next panel, which goes under the gas tanks/diff. Added the supports up front this time. Decided to add one at the very front and back to be a support for the connections to the cabin panel and the diffuser, plus one more in the middle for good measure. This is also before I notched out those corners as marked in the picture.

Started hanging the new panel up and it went much smoother than I thought it would. Turns out since this panel is so rigid and covers the whole area (as opposed to the separate pieces I used in the V1 configuration) that I didn't need tons of supports. I added two rivnuts to bolt the panel to the cabin panel, then two wind-splitter-bars in the rear. So basically 4 simple attachment points and a very rigid installation. This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to improve upon with mounting points, and I'm really happy that I was able to improve so easily on this section. To mount the wind-splitter-bars there was a small hole on the passenger side of the rear subframe that I just threaded the mounting bolt through, and I just tac-welded the mounting bracket on the drivers side (no hole for some reason?). Also added the rubber skirting to the sides before installing.

I need to pull this panel back down to trim it a little as I'm just touching the exhaust when it warms up (the support brackets to be specific), but this panel is otherwise basically good to go! Much easier than the last panel

Next will be to start working on the diffuser and the end-fences. I want to extend the end-fences forward up to the the gas tank, but I haven't figured that out just yet.
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