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Default Re: IAG TGV Delete & ID 1050X Cold Start Issue

Kind of going to piggyback off of this.
2005 STI:
Catless DP, intake, ID 1000s, Walboro 255 fuel pump (or whatever the most popular number is now), IAG TGV deletes, Aeromotive FPR. Got the injectors and TGV deletes installed and on a cold start the car's idle will dip twice. During this dip, it drops below 1000RPM and the car leans out completely, according to the wideband gauge. Also shakes a bit as the idle drops. It does this twice, back to back (RPM dip, then rise, then dip, then rise) and then idles fine, like clockwork. On a warm start there is no issue at all.

Is this a tuning issue or the classic "hunting idle" that can come with TGV deletes?
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