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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - Diffuser/Underbody RE-DO

Started to do some work on the new underbody panels this weekend (FINALLY!) but I didn't get too far.

To start off, if I am really going to improve my design and, more importantly, the execution, I need to involve a little professional help. I took measurements, came up with this drawing of panels and sent it off to a sheet metal shop to be cut out of 16 gauge aluminum.

*The strakes and endplates are over sized so I can trim them to fit

Brought them home and laid them out for comparison:

The shop also put the diffuser plate on the roller to get a real nice curve on it . They also put a couple mild brakes on the end so I can over lap the joint forward of the diffuser seamlessly

The two panels before the diffuser both have a 1" brake on both sides to act as mini endplates/strakes while also adding some rigidity to the aluminum. I will probably add a couple small reinforcing angles to the back side to minimize any drooping that takes place in the middle. The diffuser end plates and the panel connecting to the diffuser will both get similar skirting to what is on the plastic panels currently as well.

Saturday I spent some time in the garage lining up the long section and drilling the two rear mounting holes and adding rivnuts. I've got some trimming to do on the front side to get around the big "U-brace" and the downpipe, but then I will be able to drill the rest of the holes and mount this beast up. In the meantime however you can see a sneak peak of how beautiful this thing is going to look!
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