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Default Re: Baron's '05 STi journal - **Still doing the break-in thang**

Herro indeed...

Yet again it's been a long time since I was here, since shortly before Canada actually, so here's a few photos from our time there. Canada has a lot to offer and we saw lots of cool things between Montreal and Ottawa. We were there for the 2017 Canadian GP and it was awesome and of course filled with drama; not as much as previous GPs, but still exciting! Circuit Gilles Villenueve is built on the man-made Il Notre Dame in the middle of the Saint Lawrence river and originally hosted the World Expo all the way back in 1967. It's now public grounds and you can traverse the whole island, including the track(when it's not the race weekend of course!). Canadians love their motorsports and it was great to be around so many like-minded fans. There are dozens of events all around the city where they shut down streets to have people come through and have giant parties, which we attended. All the people around us in the stands were having tons of conversations about motorsports and I had to jump in naturally...

Here's the view after getting out of the subway station on the island, you can see the Expo biodome in the background:

Here was our view of turns 1 and 2 from Grandstand 11:

We had a great view to the action! I didn't take many pictures during the sessions though because I was busy recording and watching it all unfold.

One of the many fan signs around the track; this one was on our grandstand and probably the funniest one all weekend:

At one point between the events, we walked down to the stands on start/finish across from the pits. Here's McLaren's garages and Williams' Felipe Massa's garage on the right:

There are many events at the track during the GP weekend, like Porsche Cup racing, Ferrari Challenge series, and at this point we were trackside to hear and watch the FIA Master's Historics cars run the track. For those that don't know, old race cars including the old F1 cars from the past eras still race to this day and are put through their paces by the owners/teams that still watch over the old beasts. I cannot put into words how awesome it was to hear and see them. There were turbo Lotuses, McLarens, Ferraris, Tyrells, and much more. So fucking loud and gnarly; I always think about what it would have been like to see them during F1's golden age - pure history right there.

We saw lots of great things like I said. In Ottawa, we went to the Canadian Air and Space Museum, which was a great time. I live 25 mins from SAC Museum here in Omaha which has great displays, but the CAS was very impressive. I finally got to see one of my favorite planes, the Bf109 G-4, in Trop camo!

Behind that is an Avro Lancaster, and on the left was an HE-162! Couldn't believe they had one, and this was in original unrestored patina!

If you find yourself in Montreal and it's a nice time of the year, you absolutely have to go on the Saute Moutons St. Lawrence river jet boat tour. Holy shit that was a blast and the river is so nuts; they put those boats into whitewater breaks that are 8-12ft tall! You WILL get soaked!

Anyways.....on to the car....
Not as much driving as I'd like to do since it's been so miserable outside and the car runs a warm idle as it is with the closed-deck having a small effect on coolant flow, but shortly before Canada the chassis rolled over to 31k. At this time, the motor has 650 miles on it, so we're getting closer to a point where I'd feel comfortable getting the car a proper tune. I'm seeing some momentary knock in certain gears/RPM/throttle input, but I'm sure that will be investigated at tune time. Also still have the refueling problem that needs to be sorted out, something's up in the EVAP system and has been since I got the car. Been keeping a close eye on the vitals, and there doesn't seem to be any oil consumption thus far, so I'd say the rings are seating nicely. I changed the oil at 500 miles and sent a sample off to Blackstone and gave them as much info as I could about the project and what factors would come into play, and this is what they have to say:

Once we have a good tune going, I'll consider my plan for getting ready for E85 and all the parts I'll be needing for that.

I got the AC recharged(yay!)and the Takata airbag recall replacement performed at Baxter. I'm glad that the used AC compressor is doing fine and not leaking or seized from having the internals exposed to air for a while. I sealed the ports on it while it sat before going on the car, but it was not shipped to me like that. And best of all, no more squealing like my old one! The next day we went to the annual Boxers at Baxter two weekends ago and was surprised by the amount of people that checked out the car and asked me about it. So I guess people like it?

Not really anything else to report other than I need to install the new suspension, but I need to find time when Matt and Rick can come help me do that, then an alignment after all that's done. I really want to get a set of ZE40s, but that will have to wait til I find employment. The SSRs do need new rubber badly though, so we'll see when that happens.

I'll be doing the rounds to everyone else's journals here shortly.

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