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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - HyperFest (Pics&Vids)

Second Session:
Second session got started a little more abruptly than I was expecting (the line getting on track was MUCH faster) so I forgot to turn off the A/C (which I was using in the pits to cool off). I�m hoping this became the source of my problems. This session got started ok initially, but pretty quickly I was feeling a lot of hesitation under acceleration and my coolant temps started to rise almost up to the 3/4 mark. If you listen to our dialogue, you can hear me nervously trying to diagnose what is going wrong and checking all my gauges. As you can expect I did not get a whole lot of good �fast laps� going with all this. I checked the Cobb AP several times and saw zero knock indicated and the DAM was constantly at 1.0. This was both reassuring and puzzling. Oil temp/pressures were good, but coolant temps were rising pretty easily back up to 3/4 after each time I backed off.

It was not until I was pulling into the pits that I was going slowly and noticed that the A/C was still on (IDIOT!). I�m hoping the hesitation I was feeling was more related to the compressor trying to kick on and off while driving but I�m not sure. I�m hoping the coolant temps rising was due to the compressor running (adding heat to engine block, and rejecting heat from the condenser right onto the radiator). Before Saturday if you had asked me if that was possible, I would immediately say that it probably isn�t, but now I�m not sure. But honestly that�s the only thing I can think of that makes any sense currently. The car is otherwise running great, and pulls hard with no hesitation on the road (with the A/C off�).

I am putting down more power than the last track day I attended, but I also added an Oil cooler, so I would think the radiator is still big enough to handle the track day heat since I�m removing some via the oil cooler, but its hard to say now� I could swap my hood vents out for the Singular Motorsports ones, which are proven and will probably help more than my homedepot style vents� LOL Otherwise I would probably need to upsize the radiator again? Hopefully it was just the A/C causing all my problems.

Heres the TrackAddict cellphone video:

Heres the helmet GoPro video:

Heres a screen shot of my lap times:

Heres a gas/brake speed map based on GPS from the TrackAddict app of my fastest lap:

Tire/Brakes review:
So I�ve mentioned this was my first event on the new tires/brakes. I ran 255/40/17 RE-71Rs on my WedsSports, DBA 4000 slotted rotors, and Carbotech XP10(front)/XP8(rear) pads. I already had been using SS lines and RBF600. I also have had rooducts installed and dust shields removed for a while as well.

The tires were amazingly grippy. I read that they could get greasy on track days, but I had no such issues (probably didn�t run fast enough or long enough). The brakes got up to temp and had way more bite and ability to handle heat than I am used to as well. The main thing I learned this weekend was that I need to brake MUCH harder and sharper than I had been. I had so much more brake on the car that it took me several laps to finally get the ABS to start kicking on under hard braking. Might as well have been dropping anchor behind the car!

Now I need to clean my seeming black wheels to find my formerly bright gold wheels� haha

All in the all, Saturday was a bit of a mixed bag but still went pretty well. I had no catastrophic failures and I easily drove the car home so I can�t complain too much
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Bluescooby's 06 STI Journal
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