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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - HyperFest (Pics&Vids)

So this past Saturday I went to VIR for HyperFest, which is a 3 day event with all kinds of cool stuff going on. I was only there for Saturday morning for their HyperDrive sessions, which are like individual 20min HPDE sessions on the Patriot Course. There is also a regular full HPDE taking place on the full track as well (which I did not realize beforehand).

So I purchased two sessions to take the car out and start getting a feel for the new setup on track and get a few minutes of seat time on the patriot course. The patriot course is roughly a 1 mile circuit and is fairly technical. There is also a lot of elevation change which is a bonus but makes the idea of an off a little scary� For each session I had my phone recording using the �TrackAddict� app, as well as a GoPro on my helmet. The phone holder I used is apparently not very stable at all, so the video is crap but the information on the video is kind of nice (no OBD to connect to since I was using the Cobb AP).

First Session:
This is my first time on the patriot course so there is a lot of learning to do. Trying to listen to the instructor for braking/turn-in points/track markers as well as get a feel for the new tires and brakes was quite a task. Oh and there was traffic too� Never the less, everything seemed to go fairly well and the car drove great! The instructor was even impressed with the handling/grip of the car! There was one 3-series that went off twice (hit a barrier the second time) but that was apparently a function of not listening to his instructor :rollseyes:

Near the end of the first session I felt a little momentary hesitation on the �front straight�(?) under hard acceleration and decided to top off the fuel tank in case it was a fuel-starve issue coming out of the corners.

Coolant temp was good, Oil temp never got over 215�F(maybe 220�F; measured at rear gallery port), Oil pressure was consistently around 80PSI, and no knocking indicated on the Cobb AP. Should�ve logged the run though� That would�ve been helpful.

My fastest lap ended up being around 1:03 but I�m confident that I could probably shave a couple seconds off that simply with a little more practice and familiarity with the track and the new tires/brakes.

Heres the TrackAddict cellphone video:
2017-05-20 HyperFest at VIR - HyperDrive Session 2 (TrackAddict App Vid) - YouTube

Heres the helmet GoPro video:
2017-05-20 HyperFest at VIR - HyperDrive Session 2 (Helmet Cam) - YouTube

Heres a screen shot of my lap times (all over the place with traffic and stuff):

Heres a gas/brake speed map based on GPS from the TrackAddict app of my fastest lap. You can see pretty clearly there are a few areas to improve based on this weak level of data recording�haha
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