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Default Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI - WedsSport Wheels are HERE!

Been a busy weekend! I also finished up the little wiring project behind the radio. To summarize what I "accomplished", I added a fuse block to cleanly/safely add additional power connections without turning the radio harness into spaghetti, trimmed multiple wire sets from the switch panel that had 12+ inches of unneeded length, as well as having every wired connection to the radio harness coming from a connector that can be easily be disconnected if needed.

For the fuse block itself, the power and ground coming from the OEM harness go straight to the fuse block to power everything, and then the radio brings it's power/ground back from the fuse block with a separate connector.

The fuse block install:

Power/Ground wire bundles coming up from the fuse block:

Here is what the final product looks like. There is still a bunch of wires back there, but if you discount the HVAC control wiring its actually not that bad. Its also pushed back so it probably looks worse than it is:

Here's another shot of the final product, you can see here how far back the wiring sits, which is probably the best indication of how much cleaner this is.

The wire connectors unfortunately added more to the size of the wire bundle than I wanted, but I feel much better about being able to easily disconnect the radio harness if needed. Over all, while some may see this as pointless, I'm glad I cleaned it up
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