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Default Re: Quiet -- stock like sound level -- turbo back exhaust

Originally Posted by jaswrx View Post
Sorry, but BS. I absolutely hated the Cobb. Better than SPT, but wow, the low frequency tone this exhaust makes with a downpipe was awful. Cobb refunded me full amount, so I will saya amazing customer service.

It sounded like I had installed the subwoofer on, and let it only play 40-60 hertz.

And then when you got on it, it was quiet. Backwards of a good exhaust. It was well built though.
That is my exact complaint from the STI performance exhaust on my 2017 STI's backwards. Resonant low RPM and nice high RPM.

Slightly different frequency 80-100Hz for it.

It starts to purr about 3000 RPM and drives me nuts from 2K to 3K.

Originally Posted by jaswrx View Post

You should have seen the reaction of the tech when I upgraded to the Corsa.

Can you elaborate? I am looking to do something about mine. Corsa is one
of the possibilities. I have heard that it is nice below 3K when not WOT. Which
is where I do 99.9% of my crusing. But I am concerned a little about peak noise
anywhere in the RPM range.

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