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Default Re: Function, Form & Balance - 5 Years In The Making...

Hey guys!

It's been quite a while since I've posted here, but I've still got my '07 and she's presently at the dealer with what I thought was a bad thermostat and ended up being early stages of a failing head gasket @40k miles - ouch.

I was pretty bent out of shape about the situation largely because I'm a little OCD with taking care of my car and how I drive it in general, but things are looking up.

When life gives you lemons, you've got to make lemonade and I've taken full advantage of the situation.

I didn't go the built block route, even though I really wanted to, but that was decided on once I was advised that I still had a very healthy and strong motor. The dealer was laughing that my factory cross hatches were in perfect condition and there was no damage to any cylinder wall of any kind, phew!

With the somewhat good news, I've took the liberty of working to replace and or upgrade the majority of the items that were dropped to get the heads off and off to the machine shop, so here's the end result of my shopping adventure.

ARP Head studs
Beatrush Forged Pitch Stopper
Beatrush Transmission Mount
Beatrush Engine Mounts (with OEM Plates)
CSF Racing Radiator
Cobb Accessport V3
Exedy Hyper Single Clutch
Grimmspeed AOS - Black
Grimmspeed Crank Pulley - Black
IAG CnC TGV Deletes
ID1050xCC Injectors w/PnP Clips
Killer B Motorsport Oil Pickup
Killer B Motorsport Windage Tray
Motul 300V
Moul Transmission Fluid
NGK Iridium Plugs - 1 Step Colder
OEM JDM 12mm Oil Pump with seals and bolts
OEM Water Pump with seal
OEM Timing Belt
Tomei Turbo Inlet
Tomei .7mm Head Gaskets
Tomei Down Pipe, going on my factory exhaust for now.
Toyo R888Rs 245/40/18
Zerosports Magnetic Oil Filter

Once my STi is put back together I'll be going back to Church for a brand new tune, then it'll be getting myself prepped for a new Tomei Turbo and exhaust. After that, it's back to addressing the suspension, aero and interior again.

I think John Wick would agree, I'm back.
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