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Default Re: Oil Pickup? Air/Oil Separator? ETC.

Originally Posted by Cake Eater View Post
Mine is RHD, plus also as I live in Australia in a more temperate climate there is no need for a heated AOS, and fitment of the othere brands are a issue, I could have found a spot for a heated one where the can is currently but as the heating requirements are not needed that would be just more routing of coolant lines, and potential failure points that are not needed.

I am of the opinion, that now with a longer routing of the breather line from the crankcase to the AOS it helps strip the oil, the line from the crankcase where it is plumbed into the intake tract stock is about 200mm, now it is 900mm

The only reason for the can was for initial insurance, as no oil is getting past the Grimmspeed the baffled can is redundant, plus it was cheap, I am undecided on whether to remove it or not, it is reassuring to look at it and see it bone dry though.
Remove can and use transparent hose to monitor any blowby changes. That's what I would do.

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