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Default Re: Best DD turbo upgrade for 2005 STi

Originally Posted by CKomonosky View Post
I've owned a 2005 STi for close to 2 years now and although I'm still absolutely in love with it, I'd like to make a little more power. The car has only been daily driven but I would like to make it to some track days really soon. I don't want a crazy amount of power and I don't want to spend an insane amount of cash on additional mods. I've heard and read about so many different opinions on what turbos to get that I thought I might as well make a thread of my own. I currently have a catless exhaust, COBB intake, and a tune for them. Thanks in advance for any help.
Sounds like you want to try a bigger turbo. So, why not? You didnt say if you have a 3" downpipe, only that you have a catless exhaust, so a high quality 3" downpipe is mandatory. You can get used 3" catless downpipes for 250-300 and an accessport for 550-575 on sale, I paid 550 for mine. So to get the traditional "stage 2", you need a true 3" downpipe whether catless or not,but catless is MUCH cheaper even though it will realisticly only give 5 more horsepower over catted assuming it is tuned spot on for it.

So if you already have a high quality 3" downpipe and the Cobb AP, and or a high quality reputable custom tune, and you want a turbo with more potential then cobb has a turbo out that is getting great reviews and they supply all the matched parts and I think can even email you a tune for your specific install which is very convenient.

So it does sound to me like you are seriously considering a turbo upgrade, and the cobb, or the dom 1.5 would do it and honestly why not upgrade the top mount as well and get a grimm speed upgrade that also flows and cools the charge better than the stock STI intercooler.

Its what these cars are all about so you can't go wrong.
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