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Default Re: Do you need a new tune?

Good on the experience I'd still recommend buying a short block partly because I'd rather have a place that specializes in Subaru blocks do the machining than most other shops. I know, its' not rocket science but I believe mistakes are less likely to occur . . The fact is , you don't need to do it in advance that way. You can have a block shipped pretty quickly if you ever need one - or even pick it up.

Timing belt issues can cause far bigger ones. I'm sure you are aware . . .

Going back to your original post/questions:

Originally Posted by mayday1775 View Post
Throwing a question out for y'all. Right now my car has a nice safe custom tune done last year with the one mods being simple bolt on's. If I were to purchase a new stock long block to replace the stock long block in the car would it require a new custom tune or would my current tune still be safe?
I bet yes, but with that much time and money invested another $500 to update is probably safer and not a bad thing to do.

Originally Posted by mayday1775 View Post
I'm sure some of y'all would say why not pump up the power if your doing it or why are you buying a new long block if you car is running fine. Fact is I don't know just how hard this engine was beat on before I bought it and I would like to have the reassurance that the engine itself is 100% mechanically sound. To be honest right now it's putting 325 to the wheels and that is more than enough for a DD. The old block would slowly be built over time though as money allows.
That's the thing no-one who has a STI not covered by warranty is doing the wisest thing the best thing replacing there stock block with another stock block. If you are going to have that much investment at least use after market pistons. You want reliability? Replace the weakest link with something stronger. Then insure the new block is properly balanced and blueprinted. After that consider upgrading the head studs and rods . . . it will run better and be able reliably handle the additional power you have and more.
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