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Default Re: Do you need a new tune?

Originally Posted by mheyman View Post
1) #1 for a reason! Find the noise - and fix if/as necessary before it becomes a real problem!

I'm 95% confident that it is still the tensioner. When I replaced it I had to remove a old helicoil on the mounting bolt with a new one. I maybe just slightly off from the perfect stock angle so I have ordered a new bracket to put on in the coming weeks when I have time. The reason I say it's still that is it has the same sound and pattern but much much quieter. The sound was gone for the first couple days and then came back so I figure I could be a little off on the hole or when the hole was oversized slightly for the new helicoil it moved the overall position down
.020 or .030 which makes plenty of sense. I have plenty of experience in building and repairing mechanical stuff after 20 years of aircraft repair in the Marines, it was just me being aggravated and needing to get it done instead of waiting for the proper part to show up.
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