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Default Re: Do you need a new tune?

Originally Posted by Jay11STI View Post
To be honest, i think a new tune would be best. Every engine runs differently, no engine is exactly the same. I understand your concern about want a fresh start but i dont think going for another oem block is greatest plan. You said you wanted to build a block over time, well with the money an oem long block will cost you can buy a fully built forged short block and maybe have some left over money. Use that money towards built heads. No sense is have 2 oem engines that could quiet possibly fail for the same reason. If i were you, i would save my money and put it towards a build engine. Keep driving on the current engine until it fails. Who knows, it may not fail. If thats the case then at least you wouldn't have spent the money on an engine that you aren't going to use.

The motor in it now still has the same tick as it did before I changed the tensioner albeit much quieter ( I think it might be because of the helicoil we used for the hole) and I can feel a small bit of rhythmic ticking through the shifter sometimes also. I know the oil looked clean(no metal sheen) when I changed and have a oil analysis kit ready once I hit 2k on the new oil just to feel safe. If it comes back good then I won't worry about a swap but if it doesn't then I'll be looking for a new engine.

The car is my DD so down time has to be minimal that's why I was just going to do a full swap so I can get it right back up and running and spend a year or two slowly building up a stout but mild engine that can be flogged from time to time but still be reliable.
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